Our Product

Blocks is a software as a service web platform for effective political advocacy.

Our tools assist organizers with voter registration, grassroots organizing, and outreach.

Person and Voter Profiles

Stay informed about your voters and supporters—who they are, where they are and how your team is engaging with them.

Our integrated platform makes it easy to manage key details that will make the difference. Track skills, interests, contact history, organization affiliation, and relationships all in one place. Look up individuals to check the validity of an address or contact information from the voter file to ensure voter information is up to date and accurate.

  • Track past engagements, event attendance and affiliations
  • Rich voter history profiles
  • Relationship tracking
  • Manage contacts and contact history
  • Contact history updates in real time

Targeting and List Building

Easily create dynamic searches to quickly identify and target key universes. Our powerful list building feature allows users to search across multiple data points and select a precise audience for optimal engagement.

  • Powerful and precise targeting
  • Demographic targeting tool allows for querying datasets without SQL
  • Apply lists directly to phone banking, email, and texting features within Blocks
  • Easy exporting capability

Phone Banking

Manage your phone banking operation in single place. With a simple process for creating unlimited and fully customizable scripts, Blocks can help you accomplish your most ambitious outreach goals. Identify key contacts for support, make calls directly from the interface and record results in real time.

  • In-browser calling
  • Create unlimited, customizable scripts
  • Easily log call results for tracking and reporting
  • Automatically archive call responses on person records

Voter Registration

Monitor every stage of the voter registration process from the moment your forms are collected to the instant they are delivered for processing. Create dynamic status reports, manage performance, steamline the quality control process and track delivery receipts for easy search and retrieval.

  • Manage and monitor team goals
  • Streamlined quality control and phone verification processes
  • Detailed performance reports and data visualization
  • Customizable analytics dashboard
  • Easily assemble and track packets for delivery

Event Management

From attendee recruitment to logistics to day-of execution, the event management features in Blocks will help streamline your events from beginning to end. Manage event details, monitor invitees and attendees and send invites directly from the system. Tracking day-of tasks and volunteer jobs has never been easier.

  • Create and track event RSVPs and guest lists
  • Send invites and easily generate public sign up pages
  • Monitor and assign volunteer shifts, tasks, and responsibilities

Blocks for Petitions

Whether you’re canvassing door to door, or engaging directly with voters at a busy community event, our tools will take your petitioning and signature gathering efforts to the next level. With Blocks with Petitions, you can automatically check signature information against the voter file to determine if a signature is likely to be valid. Access and track on-the-ground data in real time, automate quality control tasks, and maximize the performance and efficiency of your field operation all in one place.

  • Validate signatures against the voter file
  • Manage on-the-ground canvassing performance
  • Streamlined quality control and auditing process