Blocks for organizing

Blocks has everything you need to manage your organizing efforts in one place.

Keep track of teams, organizations, events and people records.

People records

Blocks allows you to grow your people knowledge base by going much further than any other platform when it comes to collecting details pertinent to voters. You can keep track of the basics such as contact information, social media links and organization roles, but you can also track more advanced details, such as a history of events they have attended and other people in Blocks they are connected to. Each person record is divided into three main categories: Profile, Activism and History.


Store profile information such as person demographics, languages spoken and relationships to other people in your records.


Keep track of involvement in organizations, leadership positions and campaign affiliations


Maintain a record of past events attended, phone bank participation and other activities

  • View demographic information, languages spoken and relationships to other people
  • Track organization and campaign affiliations, activism and position history
  • View activity history for past events, contact logs and notes


Whether it’s for training, collection drives or awareness campaigns, hosting events is an integral part to many political advocacy organizations. Blocks allows you to maintain a calendar of events, assign roles to staff or volunteers and even lets you create public invite pages for your guests. You can also send emails to your guests and track attendance.

  • Track guestlist rsvps
  • Create public invite forms
  • Add person records to guests who rsvp
  • Assign shifts and tasks to event volunteers and staff


Lists are an incredibly powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Simply drag and drop filters to your list criteria to hone in on the exact group of people you want to target. Lists can be exported, but they can also be used directly in Blocks to call via phone banks, email, create event guest lists and more.

  • Share lists with other team members
  • Find target audiences using dozens of available attributes
  • Use lists to email, call or create event guest lists

Do more in one place

The list of things you can do for your organization in Blocks goes beyond that and is still growing. You can view reports, manage teams and manage organization documents all within a single platform.