Blocks for voter registration

Blocks works with the largest voter registration advocacy organizations in the U.S.

Manage the complex process of voter registration collection with our application flow tailor maide to navigate the complex challenges surrounding different states.

Canvassing shifts

Blocks keeps a record of all the canvassing shifts that occurred, the location, hours spent on the field and how many registrations were collected. All of this information feeds into our registration reports to help you find critical information, such as which locations yield the best results, how different canvassers compare to each other and which shifts are most effective at registering key demographics.

  • Track separate shift hours
  • Track time spent on the field
  • Assign shift location
  • Add shift notes

Canvasser profile

You can delve deeper into the performance and history of a particular canvasser in the canvasser profile view. Here, you can measure dozens of different performance metrics and benchmark canvassers against the average canvasser in their turf.

The canvasser profile also provides an easy way to see all pertinent information about a canvasser in one place. Including any quality control flags they may have triggered, feedback received about them from registrants and a record of all their previous shifts.

  • Powerful and precise report charts
  • Compare canvasser to average performance accross many metrics
  • See a summary of all pertinent canvasser information
  • Keep track of canvasser activity in one place

Packet uploads and OCR

Once your canvassers return from their shifts, they can scan their paper forms and upload them to Blocks. Blocks will read the contents of the scans using optical character recognition (OCR) and store the written information as data.

Quality control

Organizations can optionally take their forms through a rigorous quality control process that includes both visual and phone verification. Users can review each form and check for completion and accuracy and call registrants in the browser to verify that they registered over the phone.

Blocks can be configured to generate flags automatically when certain key things are found during quality control. This can help your team identify outliers, trends in registration packets or canvasser anomalies.

  • Manage quality control team schedules
  • Manual and automated review assignment
  • Detailed performance reports and data visualizations
  • Allow reviewers to point out issues found
  • Make phone verification calls in the browser


As a final step in the voter registration collection process, Blocks can assist in routing all the registration forms your organization has collected into their proper destination. We allow users to compose deliveries by selecting collection dates and counties that apply to a destination and give them a list of the registrations that are eligible to be delivered at the desired location.

  • Get assistance in identifying which forms are eligible for a delivery location
  • Produce delivery instructions and receipts
  • Get counts and data on due dates and other metrics

Locations and location map

Keep track of the locations where your canvassers are being sent and use our powerful location records and location map to make strategic decisions. Evaluate collection statistics by location, within a selected date range and find out the best places to allocate your resources.

  • Filter map by search criteria
  • See average voter registrations collected per location shift
  • Get topline summary data on location performance


Blocks gives you access to a plethora of reporting tools. Compose and save custom filters to have quick views of different segments you are tracking and easily export the data to use elsewhere.

  • Create and store custom filters
  • Show hide columns
  • Export data to use outside of Blocks